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How God’s Word is True

Prophetic Corner – by Jehu

Posted by Mats on 15/12/2008


Woe to you liberals and socialists you love the honor of men and make the law a heavy burden on others while you exempt yourself from those laws.

Woe to you liberals and socialists you proclaim your compassion yet all your websites are places of intolerance and hatred. Your schools are re-education camps of politically correct intolerance and cesspools of moral relativity.

Woe to you professors and teachers you proclaim free speech as your highest precept yet you ridicule and persecute any that do not agree with your utopian ideals, hypocrits and liars!

Woe to you feminists and progressives, you kill the unborn yet mourn the murderer with candlelight vigils for rapists and murderers.

Woe to you secular humanists, even though history damns all your ideas with the graves of millions you persist in creating new utopian hells, convinced you are the generation that will finally pull this off. You witness against yourself in that your spiritual fathers failed, you even admit they have failed, yet you think you are greater than your fathers?

Woe to you Hollywood produces and whores who lecture to others about right and wrong when you cannot be faithful to your own mates, nor raise your own children, instead they are fodder to every whim, drug and sexual perversion.

Woe to you Democrat leaders who pretend you care for minorities, especially black Americans, but since you have touched them they have no fathers, their bastard sons die by each other’s hand by the thousands in the ghettos you have ruled for decades. Your sons and daughters therefore have become tattooed whores and pimps, they very thing you have created among black Americans…you deserve the cup you are drinking.

Woe to you who proclaim children and the lone women are yours in care and concern, yet their fate becomes worse each generation you rule. Your teachings have driven the men from the families and placed an intolerable burden upon the women. Why does your vaunted compassion become bondage and slavery for others?

Woe to black Americans that thoughtlessly vote for the very same people that have enslaved them for 50 years, woe to black (and all) men that father children and walk away from them like rutting dogs or thoughtless animals. Your hatred for your women is noted in song and deed. You will answer to the father above for your deeds, and for the murder of your sons.

Woe to the narcissistic thoughtless youth of America who care nothing for others, whose only goal in life is to party and live a riotous life, while billions suffer starvation, deprivation, and tyranny the world over…your judgment is coming and well deserved.

Woe to you that demean freedom and argue about YOUR exacting and pharisiac reasons for war, yet you care nothing for the freedom of others, even when you are not the ones fighting for that freedom, you hate those that do. Since you hate freedom for others…yours will be taken from you.


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