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Hamas’ Az-Zahar: Kill The Jewish Children

Posted by Mats on 10/01/2009

I wonder how the Hamas/Islamist apologists on the Left will spin this?

[Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Az-Zahar] leader called to murder Israelis and Jews worldwide, including children. “The Israelis have sentenced their children to death… They have legitimized the killing of their people all over the world,” he said. Hamas’ platform calls for all Jews to convert to Islam or be killed, based on an Islamic saying (Hadith), and the group has not refrained from targeting children in the past.

Hamas will destroy synagogues and Jewish schools as well, Zahar said, just as Israel destroyed mosques in Gaza. Israel bombed several mosques used to store rockets and ammunition.

The problem with the Left, besides the fact that they like to take the side of people like Az-Zahar, is that they always believe this kind of rhetoric is simply empty bluster, when it is anything but. Islamists are as serious about killing the unbeliever, and particularly Israelites, as Democrats are about making sure that abortions are easy to get and paid for by the government.


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