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Attacking Deborah Schlussel For Telling the Truth

Posted by Mats on 25/01/2009

By Debbie Schlussel

On Friday, in my review bashing the awful movie, “Notorious,” I warned you that this was the new civil rights–that glorifying and whitewashing a scumbag rapper thug criminal onscreen was the new equality. I said the same when I trashed this movie about rapper Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.”/”Biggie Smalls” Wallace on the nationally syndicated ABC radio show hosted by Curtis Sliwa, early Friday Morning.

And I was right, if the angry e-mails from mostly Blacks in the hip-hop crowd are any indication. Here are just a few. Beware that these “writers,” while loving words that only have four letters, have an aversion to capital letters, periods, and the whole “racist” sentence structure created by Whitey to keep the man down.

notorious.jpgBut they are entertaining in their blunt defense of criminality and rap garbage. One writer, for instance, says I’m wrong to call a Biggie song obscene because it only has 6 swear words. Hmmm . . . didn’t know there was an official threshold quota delineation. It should be noted that the only “song” we hear Biggie rap in this movie is called “Party and Bullsh-t,” in which the genius lyrics include at least 27 repetitions of the profound line, “And Party and Bullsh-t.”

Don’t forget that every single one of these e-mailers is an Obama supporter, but unlike them, let’s heed the word of Martin Luther King, Jr. and judge these e-mailers not by the color of their skin, but the very obvious low-rent content of their character:

From: Nana Opong nanayg33@yahoo.comDate: Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 7:25 PM



You talk all this shit about if u were an african american you’d be upset that Biggie smalls movie is being released well take it from me, an African American Male, Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up please. You bad mouth Obama as well as Biggie Smalls. These are two Figures who came from nothing to something and ironically these are african americans. And you only said that shit about LarryFflint so it can supposedly justify you shit talking about Biggie. ANd its sad that you couldnt wait for him to die, your an ignorant bitch. But i guess every one needs Haters even dead people and our future black president.Eat a dick bitch and go back to the rat hole u came from.



From: jay kinnebrew young_takeover@yahoo.comDate: Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 4:34 AM



You knew that when you went to see the Biggie Smalls movie you wouldnt like it. Im just going to jump right into it and say you are a closed minded tight ass racist bitch. Your opinion is ONE SIDED. For you to see a movie about a young black man who made some mistakes in life like ANY HUMAN BEING and relate this ONE MOVIE that does glorify violence in some ways,and call it THE OBAMA NATION. You are one of the reasons why this country will probably never change. Obama HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE AND THAT WAS A LOW BLOW. YOU ARE IGNORANT JUST LIKE YOUR FELLOW RADIO HOST CURTIS “ASSHOLE” SLIWA. Do everybody a favor and just go see movies with happy ending and roses and flowers because we all know thats what movies are alllllll aboout these days.



From: Arian Hernandez harian73@yahoo.comDate: Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 11:59 PM



Your interview with Curtis in which u degrated Christopher Wallace, was horrible. You said his song Ten Crack Commandments had a curse word as every other word [DS: actually, I didn’t say that–I was talking about “Party and Bullsh-t,” but who cares about accuracy in quoting?], but had you actually listened to the song you would have heard Biggie rap for more than 2:30 and only use SIX curse words. Six. That is not a good example of a song with to many curse words. And to say he was talentless like you said would suggest that you can do what he did, if rapping requires no talent then why dont you prove it by recording your own rap about what ever you want. Sit down and write a poem using complex multi word rhymes that tells a vivid story using metaphors, similies, aliteration and other literary devices most college graduates could not write. Then record it to a beat so that it makes the listener keep the rythym with their head and try their hardest to memorize the words.

You have no understanding of hip hop at all so do not speak on it. stick to your politics. You said the world is better off with out Chris Wallace. But then again if you died i doubt anyone would waste any film making a movie on your life. You are what the Hip hop world calls a hater. You owe an apology to BIG’s family and his fans.





From: Lamar Hayward l7hayward@gmail.comDate: Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 9:28 PM

Subject: Notorious


Your review of the movie Notorious is typical of a person who can
never understand the struggle. The struggle I speak of is the prospect of being raised in the hood. Disgusting, NC-17, are terms that does apply if taken out of context. To understand, you must understand the essence of hip-hop. This is life as I and many others know. There is no escape from your upbringing. I apologize if I’m all over the place. I challenge you to live in the hood for one week. That would end badly for you, I’m sure. Narcotics, lack of proper education, and free will can change sugar into sh+t. Every verse from BIG’s mouth is truth. Until you can proof that reality doesn’t exist; please don’t comment. He is a loss voice of my generation. Have you ever heard BIG’s interviews? Have you spoken to, or heard anybody associated with BIG speak about his personality? As a movie, yes I knew it was going to be vulgar, but truthful to a degree. Kids movie, of course not. Teens can understand if they grew up in a similar environment. But this is not a movie for pure entertainment. It’s a biography, a slightly skewed view of reality. I don’t know you but I will pay attention from now on.

Sincerely, Reno Bryce



From: B Williams phillyboxer215@yahoo.comDate: Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 1:04 PM

Subject: I just wanted to say


Hello Debbie I just listend to a show to a radio show that you were on and I just had to comment on the remarks and comments you made about not just the biggie movie but the man personally the comment “the world is a better place without him” was the comment that I found to be especially sickening especially when you consider the fact that the man was not engaged in criminal activity for some time before his death and more importantly the man was a father a husband a son and loved by manny people you know nothing of the plight of inner city young men white,black,latino and asian in america yet you presume to judge those who come from rough backrounds from your high chair? you disgust me who the hell gives you the right to judge anyone you disgust me and make me sick.


Fact Check: Biggie and his posse of fellow human trash robbed and beat up his own concert promoter. Guess you forgot that. He let another man go to jail for a long time on gun charges he should have faced. He fathered at least two kids out of wedlock with two different women (one of ’em was Lil’ kids’ baby she aborted) in addition to his son with his wife.

I, myself, grew up in a Black neighborhood and still live in a Black neighborhood, where most of my neighbors are Black. I also went to a Black high school, two miles from Eminem’s “Eight Mile.” My “high chair” is not so high. But even if this were not the case, would that disqualify me from criticizing this horrid movie? No. That’s like saying I’d have to try suicide before I decide I’m against it.

From: gamma91@aol.comDate: Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 5:11 AM

Subject: Notorious B.I.G


Are you a racist?
Biggie was the greatest rapper of all time
Speaking for all the people in the struggle
But i guess you never struggled before huh?
You have to respect what he did to feed his family
You cant just disrespect an icon for everyone trying to get out of the hood
Im 17 years old and i hope you read this message
Because i cant respect you or anything you did after that comment on biggies movie
P.s your probably from a rich neighborhood where no one knows what being broke means
Shame on you


See my response to the e-mail above.

Gee, if you criticize a movie glorifying a low-life criminal thug drug-dealer rapper, who happens to be Black, you’re a racist.

Is this the new civil rights Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream about? Somehow, I doubt it.

But one thing’s for sure: As long as Black America continues to worship and defend scum like Christopher “Biggie” Wallace, it will continue to make up a good part of America’s underclass and prison inmate population. As long as they choose to hold themselves captive of this crap, they will never be “free at last.”

Posted by Debbie at January 19, 2009 12:34 PM



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