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Seven out of ten nations among top persecutors of Christians are Muslim states

Posted by Mats on 06/02/2009

Seven out of ten nations among top persecutors of Christians are Muslim states In which Sharia is a considerable influence. “Behead a Christian, raise your rank: Islam’s Shariah cited in 7 of 10 worst nations worldwide,” by Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily, February 3 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

Reports that at least 10 Christians were abducted and killed for their faith – sometimes by beheading – during 2008 has pushed Somalia into the Top 10 among nation’s that aggressively persecute Christians, according to a new report from Open Doors USA.

The organization today released its 2009 World Watch List, which cited Korea – for the seventh straight year – as the nation that persecutes Christians more intensely than any other around the globe.

But Somalia rose from 12th in 2008 to 5th this year because of the growing level of attacks there, according to the report which noted two of the worst three nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are nations governed by Islamic Shariah law, and seven of the Top 10 nations fall into that category.

Paul Estabrooks, the organization’s minister-at-large, told WND that those Islamic nations “certainly are impacted significantly by Shariah.” […] Open Doors said Afghanistan, Somalia and the Maldives are fourth, fifth and sixth, with Afghanistan moving up three spots because of an aggressive effort from Taliban officials during 2008.

In seventh is Yemen, Laos is No. 8, Eritrea, a newcomer to the Top 10, is No. 9 and Uzbekistan No. 10….


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