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Reader thanks LifeSiteNews for Convincing Her to Not Abort her Fourth Child

Posted by Mats on 07/02/2009

Because of LifeSiteNews she says, “I have changed my view to pro-life, not pro-choice”

Below is the text of an email received by LifeSiteNews today, February 5, 2009:

I wanted to thank you for your site because it was truly a wake up call. When I was younger, I had my fair share of abortions reasoning from being too immature to fear of motherhood. My family is pro-life and having my share of these (abortions) was a hard knot to swallow and I never told any of them how many I really had.

I never knew the risks, although many doctors had told me that I wouldn’t have any children because of my termination history. I have been married for 6 years now, out of the immature stage, out of the fear stage, we have three beautiful children.

I never considered another abortion after I met my husband until a few days ago when I found out that we were having our fourth child. I finally convinced my husband that I was going to get an abortion, looked at your site, and completely changed my mind.

When my husband walked through the door, I cried on his shoulder. After so many times of having the procedure done, I never knew what really was happening and I never tried to find out. So I just want you to know that your site has been my blessing.

My husband and I may not be ready for our fourth but we will do our best to be just as good parents to this little one as we have been to our existing three. Thank you so much for making this site and having this site out there so that other unaware, unconcerned, unhopeful women and men can actually see what is really happening, and maybe just maybe, a mind like mine will change.

Your site has given me a new mind set and a new chance. I have changed my view to pro-life, not pro-choice. God bless you all

Name withheld by LifeSiteNews.


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