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UK’s Society: What Happens When The Bible is Rejected

Posted by Mats on 07/02/2009

Stamp of a nation without conscience

The callousness of fatherless, comprehensive-educated, Godless, TV-entertained, computer game-desensitised, cannabis-crazed and lagered-up Britain is perfectly demonstrated in the pictures of Johnathan Robinson, a pub landlord whose robbers dragged him from his car, ran him over, broke his leg and then stamped on his face for fun (since he was, by then, helpless).

Johnathan Robinson

Victim: Johnathan Robinson was brutally treated by robbers

Man without conscience is wilder and more dangerous than any beast.

We have bred a generation of concentration camp guards, and if as a society we later turn to mass murder, nobody will need to wonder much why and how it happened.

I am told the footprint on his face may help to identify the attacker who, if convicted, will not suffer anything resembling punishment.

It certainly helps to identify this country as a moral slum.


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