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Nanci Pelosi and Sexual Promiscuity

Posted by Mats on 08/02/2009

From Mark Epstein’s blog.

“Family planning services reduce cost.” Nancy Pelosi


Forget the Roman Catholic Church publicly upbraided Nancy Pelosi for her misrepresentation of the church’s abortion policy. Forget that birth control is an abortifacient (that means “causes abortions” for you liberals). Forget that the most populous states have funded contraception for years with no impact on the abortion rate. Forget the money spent lobbying against President Bush’s policies on sex education. Forget the 70%+ illegitimacy rate among urban America’s African-American population. Forget about the billions of dollars taxpayers have pumped into Planned Parenthood over the years. Somehow, in Pelosi’s mind, adding contraceptives to the bailout package is going to help “stimulate” the economy.

The problem is Pelosi, like most liberals, doesn’t understand cause and effect and, therefore, she and her like-thinking cohorts are devoid of any ability to think logically. This also means Pelosi and friends cannot rationally find answers because they cannot see the problems in the first place!

Here’s what’s really happening.

The Democratic leftists have past due bills to pay (translation: They owe their longtime supporters). Planned Parenthood and the other baby murdering organizations have long pumped campaign dollars into leftist coffers and now they want their due. This is the root “cause” for Pelosi’s pandering.

The effect of adding contraceptives to the bailout package is simple: More wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. For if Pelosi thinks the economic debacle we’re facing is going to dampen the stimulated crotches producing illegitimate children, she’s delusional. With more people out of work, more time is spent on other pursuits. In the case of urban America, home to the most hardcore unemployed, the economic downturn isn’t going to stop sex and the resulting illegitimate birthrate, which is causing a major drain on state budgets. Oh, and let’s not forget the new “American citizens” born to illegal immigrants who are entitled to state-level medical care.

And it’s not that Pelosi doesn’t know this. She campaigned against President Bush’s abstinence only education policies for years because, well, kids are going to have sex. So if abstinence doesn’t work, why does Pelosi honestly think these same children are going to stop what they’re doing, trot on down to the local Planned Parenthood office for birth control, and then engage in their promiscuous pursuits?

The fact is Pelosi does not think the kids are going to wait and she knows very well that these added millions will not lessen the burden on any state or the federal government. The money she wants taxpayers to cough-up serves only one purpose: To pay back the left’s political supporters.

Yep. More “hope and change” for Americans. Is it any wonder the population thinks so little of Congress?


One Response to “Nanci Pelosi and Sexual Promiscuity”

  1. Planned Parenthood is definitely going to get billions, if the American public remains silent. And all that money will be used for anti-family activities.

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

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