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Liberals Outraged Over Crucifixes at Catholic University

Posted by Mats on 14/02/2009

From Moonbattery

The liberal campaign to eradicate Christianity is becoming surreal. A brouhaha has erupted at Boston College, the world’s highest ranked Catholic university, over crucifixes in the classrooms.

Squeaks a moonbat professor:

Such symbols … represents a bias towards one way of thinking, elevates one set of ideals above others, honors one group of people in preference to the rest without any meaningful discussion or elaboration.

Screeches another:

Not only can such symbols be insulting to those who do not consider themselves Christians, it can be offensive to Christians as well. Taking umbrage by such symbols has nothing to do with the identity of one’s faith. It is about whether symbols that represent a specific branch of beliefs have a place in the scared space of a classroom where we are to teach the students to think independently and do all we can to be unbiased. … Such displays are insulting to me as a teacher/scholar.

The “unbiased” teacher/scholar then thumped his sunken chest and proclaimed that “I would not and most definitely will not” teach in a classroom with a crucifix.

Did I mention that Boston College is a Catholic institution? Next they’ll demand the removal of Bibles from churches.


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4 Responses to “Liberals Outraged Over Crucifixes at Catholic University”

  1. why would you want to work at a Catholic university if you weren’t comfortable with it being a *Catholic* institution?

  2. Marianne said

    Liberals should be grateful that they have a job and that Catholics gave it to them. They demand tolerance, and the school allows them freedom to speak and do what they want. They need to show some tolerance back.

  3. Doulos said

    Ha, I thought this was amazingly idiotic as well. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! CRUCIFIXES AT A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY! THAT’S AN OUTRAGE!

  4. jacob kearney said

    Having a crucifix hanging at a university that was founded by Catholics, for the education of all who seek it is no suppression of independent thinking, nor is it intolerant of other religions. It’s an expression of the culture and people the school is dedicated to.

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