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Homosexuality Now, Pedophilia Next

Posted by Mats on 16/02/2009

July 14, 2000


Homosexuality has jumped out of the closet and into social acceptance. Today, sodomite behavior even enjoys legal protection and political preference. If you had told our grandparents thirty-five years ago that this would be the case, they would have laughed you out of the room.

Thirty-five years ago, the only people who were trumpeting the normalization of homosexuality were left-wing college professors. Few people took them seriously. That was a fatal mistake. We should have remembered Lincoln’s sage instruction: “The philosophy of the classroom in one generation is the philosophy of the country in the next.”

Who can deny that those liberal college professors in the 1960’s changed the direction of the entire nation? It behooves us, therefore, to give serious consideration to what liberal college and university professors are now promoting.

I’m told that in an article in the May/June issue of Society magazine entitled, “Sexual Liberation’s Last Frontier,” Associate Professor of Sociology at Temple University, Julia Erickson calls for more tolerance and understanding for pedophiles. Yes, pedophiles. Erickson argues that the word pedophilia is too harsh and judgmental. She prefers using “child-adult sex.” She questions research that shows long-term effects of such activity.

Erickson compares the plight of pedophiles to homosexuals in years gone by. She believes punishments inflicted upon pedophiles are too severe and suggests they need social acceptance, even legal protection, instead. You and I are making a serious miscalculation if we disregard people like Erickson as the lunatic fringe of society. We made that mistake thirty-five years ago, and look what has happened.

America has legally and culturally abandoned its Judeo/Christian roots. We have expunged traditional morality from the public square, and from the public conscience. Aberrant sexual misconduct of every kind has taken its place. Adultery, fornication, cohabitation and sodomy are socially acceptable, even politically protected.

America currently has no moral compass.

Next on the list to achieve politically correct categorization is pedophilia. Understand that pedophilia is exactly where homosexuality was thirty-five years ago: in the classrooms of liberal college professors. If America doesn’t make a sudden and dramatic turn toward traditional morality, pedophilia will enjoy the same kind of social and political acceptance that homosexuality now enjoys, and it won’t take thirty-five years to happen, either.


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