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Sweden: City council in jihadist enclave rules tennis match with Israel must be held without spectators

Posted by Mats on 26/02/2009


Instead of standing up to jihadist intimidation. Malmö, of course, is infamous as a jihadist enclave.

“No fans allowed for Israel tennis match,” from The Local, February 18 (thanks to Josephine):

Sweden’s upcoming Davis Cup tennis match against Israel will be held behind closed doors, Malmö city council ruled on Wednesday.The match was scheduled to be played from March 6th to 8th at the Baltiska Hallen venue, which can hold 4,000 spectators. Police had said the match could go ahead and that the public could be admitted.

Despite this, Malmö council’s sports and recreation committee voted on Wednesday to keep the public out, arguing the security risk would be too great if spectators were allowed.

The decision to ban the public was made after a Social Democrat and Left Party-led motion to have the match played in an empty hall was passed by five votes to four.

The Social Democrats and Left Party cited security concerns for their decision to vote in favour of a spectator ban, as proposed by the head of the sports and recreation committee, Bengt Forsberg (SocDem).

But local Moderate Party representatives were furious at the outcome of the vote, arguing that the match could have gone ahead with spectators and heightened security.

I don’t think we should allow anti-democratic forces decide how we run sporting events,” John Roslund, a Moderate Party member of the committee, told The Local….


Uh, yeah.


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