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Homosexuals Overtake Park During Disney Sponsored “Gay Days”

Posted by Mats on 02/03/2009

Dec 29, 2008  

2 Responses to “Homosexuals Overtake Park During Disney Sponsored “Gay Days””

  1. dubby said

    Disney does not sponsor gay days. Gays just show up there and organize it themselves. Disney really can’t do anything about it any more than a group of Hells angles showing up if they are not doing anything illegal. It’s sad that gays feel they have the right to act like they do in front of vacationing families but so many of them have no morals anyway it never crosses thier minds.

  2. ZAch said

    A few Disney facts, Disney did not allow anyone to video tape inside any of the clubs. Comedy Warehouse, 8 Trax’s, Adventurer’s Club, etc… those were standard Disney rules.

    And Disney does not sponsor Gay Days, it was organized outside of Disney.

    The same would be true if a church of 50,000 people choose to come to Disney or an Alumni group – 1 weekend a year.
    Disney would allow them to celebrate unique events and if possible Disney would try to have a few unique events to make more money.

    They do it with Grad night, the Christian celebration in the fall, etc…

    As for the behavior, I hate to say this but it is not much different then many dance clubs around the U S that play hip hop, rap and seductive pop music. Both straight and gay people dance like wild animals.

    Sad state of affairs we can only pray for change and not the Obama kind.

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