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Library Pushes Homosexual Propaganda on Children

Posted by Mats on 02/03/2009

For an appalling example of how the degenerate moonbat establishment is shaping the next generation in its image, check out the YA Zone for young adults (grades 6-12) at Wisconsin’s West Bend Community Memorial Library. It features a large section entitled “Out of the Closet: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Fiction and Non-Fiction.” Offerings include:

Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon — What could be better for an urban, skateboard-loving teenager being raised by two dads than moving to rural Montana? Almost anything, in Ben Campbell’s eyes. The town is too small, the people are too country, and now it’s even harder for him to deal with his gay dads.

Hero by Perry Moore — With a mother who has inexplicably disappeared, nascent superpowers and a burgeoning understanding of his gay sexuality, Thom Creed’s life is anything but normal.

Freak Show by James St. James — Inspired by his own experience, adult author (“Disco Bloodbath”) and media personality James St. James makes his YA debut with this novel about a young drag queen who makes a grand entrance into a conservative high school.

Luna by Julie Anne Peters — From as early as she can remember, Regan O’Neill has known that her brother, Liam, was different. That he was, in fact, a girl. Transgender.

Absolutely, Positively Not by David LaRochelle — Steven’s a 16-year-old boy with two obsessions: sex and getting his driving license. The problem is, Steven’s not thinking girls when he’s thinking sex. Could he be — don’t say it — gay?

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan — High school sophomore Paul lives in a present-day gaytopia, where boys come out of the closet to become class president, and the Gay-Straight Alliance has more members than the football team. The cheerleaders ride Harleys, and the cross-dressing homecoming queen is also the star quarterback. Paul meets artistic Noah in the bookstore. They pass notes rife with meaningful detail; paint in Noah’s psychedelic, art-covered room; and fall in sweet, realistic teenage love, unencumbered by gay bashing, sexual-identity crises, and parental rejection.

The list goes on and on and on. The intent to encourage children to experiment with homosexual depravity is glaring.

If we don’t take our culture back, it’s going to continue to be transformed into something so unhealthy and unclean, we’ll thank Muslims for wiping it away.


2 Responses to “Library Pushes Homosexual Propaganda on Children”

  1. This is not the first time — nor the first place — this is happening. Everything other than Christian values are IMPOSED, while Christian values are censored.

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

  2. If it annoys a Christian, I’m going to support it!

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