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Psychologists Promoting Pedophilia

Posted by Mats on 11/03/2009


  • In 1999, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a report on child sex abuse saying that sexual relations between children and adults are “less harmful than believed” and might actually “be positive for willing children.” How could trained psychologists, let alone anyone in their right mind, suggest that sex between adults and children could be positive for the children? Luckily there was a huge uproar throughout society about this absurd conclusion. As a result the APA backed down and acknowledged that there was a serious problem with the study and that they should have been more careful in publishing the report in the first place. [2]


8 Responses to “Psychologists Promoting Pedophilia”

  1. Nurta San said

    nice info 🙂

  2. morsec0de said

    Strange how I can’t seem to find the actual APA report anywhere. Only pro-right wing sites talking about it.

  3. augustine said

    I’d also like to get the name of the actual report. The website cited is of somewhat dubious quality, to say the least.

  4. Mats said

    If the actual report is given, will you (morsec0de and augustine) accept what the title of the topic says?

  5. morsec0de said

    Assuming we can find it and the report says what you are saying it does, and isn’t quote mined, of course. And if it does say that, I will join you in condemning the APA.

  6. augustine said

    Sure, I won’t have any problem with that. No scientific organisation is immune to folly, and I don’t pretend that the APA is infallible (why would I?).

  7. Mats said

    Jolly good, then. I’ll dig around and see what can find.
    The important thing to take note is the politization of science, even going as far as handying over children to child abusers

  8. augustine said

    …how exactly does this represent the ‘politicization’ of science? Whose political interests are being served by a report like that?

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