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UK: Muslim cop beats up homeless man, gets fired, claims Islamophobia

Posted by Mats on 17/03/2009

Though he boasted that he beat the vagrant “good and proper.” Apparently this officer let the Muslim injunction to always “enjoin the right and forbid the wrong” — which can easily involve beating, whipping, and killing those who transgress Islam’s rules for society — get the best of him. Hard to blame him, though, since sharia law has been granted such a prominent place in the UK.

“Muslim Cop Beats Up Home-less Man, Claims Islamophobia,” by Tom Kelly for the Daily Mail, March 6:

A Muslim policeman suing Scotland Yard for racial discrimination was sacked after boasting that he beat up a homeless man ‘good and proper’, an employment tribunal heard today. 

Asad Saeed was accused of dragging the vagrant out of a McDonalds and threatening him during only his fifth night on patrol as a Police Community Support Officer.

But the 35-year-old claims he was ‘fitted up’ over the alleged assault by two racist white officers.

The men invented the story after he threatened to expose the ‘apartheid’ culture at Belgravia police station in central London where there were separate vans for white and black officers, he said.

However, Mr Saeed’s immediate superior, Inspector Debbie Jallali, said in a statement that the day after the alleged assault he told her: ‘I done the homeless man good and proper.’…

One Response to “UK: Muslim cop beats up homeless man, gets fired, claims Islamophobia”

  1. SimplyLife said

    Muslims have a right, and other cannot harass them because they are muslims. Quran has the rules how a vagrant man can be handled.

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