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Anti-dhimmitude in Oz: University rejects Muslim demand for separate prayer room

Posted by Mats on 23/03/2009

From Jihadwatch

“Australian universities are responsible for providing quality education, not consecrated religious spaces.” At last a university administration shows some common sense and unwillingness to be intimidated by Islamic supremacists. An update on this story. “Uni rejects demand for Muslims’ prayer room,” by Milanda Rout in The Australian, March 23 (thanks to all who sent this in):

AUSTRALIAN universities are responsible for providing quality education, not consecrated religious spaces, according to a university involved in a bitter dispute over Muslim prayer rooms.Dozens of Islamic students plan to protest today to demand that a dedicated Muslim prayer room replace an existing multi-faith centre at Melbourne’s RMIT.

But acting pro vice-chancellor Maddy McMaster said it was not for universities to provide consecrated religious spaces.

“A university’s responsibility to its students is to provide them with a quality education,” she said. “Recognising that the educational experience is not confined to the classroom, RMIT offers other services, including prayer rooms. It falls to religious communities to provide the consecrated spaces.”…

But Dr McMaster said the university already provided a number of prayer rooms for Muslim students across all its campuses. “It is difficult to see how we can improve on eight Muslim prayer rooms, with one more opening, as well as providing Muslim students with preferential access to two prayer rooms in the multi-faith Spiritual Centre,” she said.

“(Universities) should provide quality resources for those who choose a spiritual path. But as a secular institution, such resources do not include consecrated spaces such as churches, synagogues or mosques.”…


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