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“Moderate” P.A.: Death Penalty For Those Who Sell Land To Jews

Posted by Mats on 13/04/2009

Once again, the “moderate” P.A. issues another death threat to their people against selling land to Jews.  This isn’t the first time either, this is a long standing P.A. policy.  Notice that this Fatwa and law is against all Jews; not “Zionists”, or “Israelis”, or IDF, blah,blah, blah….nope… is against ALL Jews!  Where are the condemnations for such blatant Anti-semitism, and actions against harmony from the usual “peace” groups, and “civil-Rights” Organizations on this?

___________________________________ Palestinian Authority has issued yet another warning to Palestinians against selling their homes or properties to Jews, saying those who violate the order would be accused of “high treason” – a charge that carries the death penalty.

The latest warning was issued on Wednesday by the Chief [Islamic] Judge of the Palestinian Authority, Sheikh Tayseer Rajab Tamimi, who reminded the Palestinians of an existing fatwa [religious decree] than bans them from selling property to Jews.

Sheikh Tamimi’s warning came in response to reports that Jewish businessmen from the US had purchased 20 dunams of land from Palestinians on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Warning the Palestinians against engaging in “suspicious real estate deeds,” the religious leader said that according to Islamic teachings it was a “grave sin” to sell houses and lands to Jews.

He said that the ban also applies to
real estate
agents or middlemen who are involved in such transactions.

He warned that anyone who ignores the warning would be punished in accordance with Islamic teachings and would also be ostracized by his community and family.

Sheikh Tamimi also issued a ban on renting out property to Jewish individuals and organizations under the pretext that they would spread moral, political and security corruption there.

“The city of Jerusalem is the religious, political and spiritual capital of the Palestinians,” he said.  “The Jews have no rights in Jerusalem. This is an occupied city like the rest of the territories that were occupied in 1967.”

Scores of Palestinians have been murdered over the past three decades for allegedly selling their property to Jews or for acting as intermediaries in
real estate
deeds involving Jews.

Several fatwas issued by PA Islamic clerics have ruled that any Palestinian who sells his property to Jews would face the death sentence.

Fatah legislator Hatem Abdel Kader, who also serves as PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad’s adviser on Jerusalem affairs, told The Jerusalem Post that the new-old ban was needed to thwart attempts by the new right-wing government in Israel to take control over more lands in the Arab neighborhoods of the city.


I ask you then….who exactly in this Conflict are the “racist”, “ultra-nationalists”?  Funny, (not!) how they don’t use those terms when describing the Phakestinians, or other Arabs, even when their behavior is worse!

Per Carl In Jerusalem:

“By the way, unfortunately, these threats are not a joke. Recall the case of Muhammed Abu al-Hawa (three links), who was murdered in April 2006 for selling land to Jews in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor.  And of course that explains why when they are discovered selling land to Jews, ‘Palestinians’ will inevitably deny it (in collaboration with Israeli ‘peace groups’ of course) as was the case with Shalom House in Hebron from which the Jewish residents were ultimately expelled in December 2008.

Let’s go to the videotaped evidence of that sale.”

Ahhh….the religion of peace!  These are the guys that the U.N, and Obama are forcing Israel to surrender to.

In other ROP news:

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