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Christian militants jailed for plot against Muslim schoolteacher and imam — no, wait…

Posted by Mats on 23/04/2009

Well, not this time, but one of these days the Moral Equivalence crowd is going to find one they can hang everything on. The endless trotting out of Timothy McVeigh is getting stale, and he wasn’t even really a Christian.

“Indonesian militants jailed for plot on school teacher and priest,” from Reuters, April 21 (thanks to JE):

INDONESIA has jailed four militants for up to 12 years over the murder of a Christian school teacher and plots to kill a priest and bomb a cafe popular with backpackers.

Hmmm. What kind of “militants” would target a Christian schoolteacher and a priest? Fanatical opponents of creationism? Naah, couldn’t be. But wrack my brain as I might, I can’t imagine who they could be!

The militants were among 10 men arrested in South Sumatra last year and charged under Indonesia’s anti-terrorism law.Indonesian police found a cache of 20 bombs in a house in the provincial capital, Palembang, about 425 km from Jakarta, and in other parts of South Sumatra in July 2008.

Head judge Syamsudin sentenced Abdurrahman Taib, 35, and Ki Agus Muhammad Toni, 23, to 12 years in jail.

“The defendants are found guilty of conducting terrorist crimes,” the judge told the South Jakarta Court.

In a second court hearing, Anis Sugandi, 41, and Sukarso Abdillah, 48, were jailed for five and four years, respectively, for helping and facilitating terrorist acts.

The courts said the four were involved in a failed plot to kill a priest in West Java, the murder of a Christian school teacher in Palembang and a plot to bomb a cafe in Bukittinggi in West Sumatra.

Three more defendants, including a Singaporean alleged to have taught members of regional militant group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) to make bombs, were due to be sentenced next Tuesday….


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