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Where’s ‘Christianity Day’?

Posted by Mats on 11/05/2009

by Gina L. Diorio

What do you think would happen if a legislator proposed officially designating a day as “Christianity Day” in order to celebrate and recognize the contributions made to society by Christianity over the centuries? No doubt the ACLU would be up in arms, decrying the act as “endorsement” of religion and demanding the measure, if passed, be declared unconstitutional.
Ah, but as we see all too often, such zeal for separatism goes suddenly silent when the religion in question is not Christianity but Islam.

Yes, in case you missed it, this week the Hawaii State Senate, by a vote of 22-3, passed a bill designating September 24, 2009 as “Islam Day.” HCR100 HD1 resolves:

… that September 24, 2009 shall be known as “Islam Day” to recognize the rich religious, scientific, cultural, and artistic contributions Islam and the Islamic world have made since their founding….

Ok let’s look at this.

Religious contributions – Would that be the contributions that justified the murder of 3000 Americans on September 11? Or the contributions that justify the so-called “honor killings” of women and girls who do something to shame their family? Please clarify, because I’m wondering.

Scientific contributions – Hmm, would these be the contributions that – according to author and Baylor University Social Sciences Professor (and former University of Washington Professor of Sociology and of Comparative Religion) Rodney Stark in his book For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery – “condemned all efforts to formulate natural laws as blasphemy insofar as they denied Allah’s freedom to act.”  Or perhaps they’re the contributions that, as Muslim historian Caesar E. Farah notes, “chose to continue in … [the Greek, Aristotelian] vein and to enlarge Aristotle rather than to innovate.” (quoted in Stark)

Cultural contributions – Ah, these must be the countless hospitals, orphanages, charities, and missions that have been founded and have spread over the world offering help, hope, and relief to millions of men, women, and children. Oh wait, that wasn’t Islam. That was Christianity.

Oh, and can you say “burqa”?

Artistic contributions – Ok, I’m no expert on art, period. So here they might have me. (Hmm, would some call redesigning the New York City skyline “art”?)

Hawaii legislators showed their utter cowardice by taking the politically correct path – and continuing the nauseating practice of many elected officials today of praising the religion that is the sworn enemy of Christianity and Judaism for fear of offending those who would like nothing more than to destroy us.


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