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Black President Endorses Judenrein

Posted by Mats on 21/05/2009

By Debbie Schlussel

America, you’ve regressed a long way, baby. As in, HusseinObamaJudenrein.

Remember when Black people couldn’t live in certain neighborhoods? If you’re a liberal Kennedy, you don’t need to remember, because the time is now. Several of the Kennedy family homes have restrictive covenants forbidding the sale of the homes to Blacks (and some of them to Jews, too).

Well, no wonder the Kennedys liked Barack Obama for President. He’s buying into the restrictive covenant and redlined neighborhood idea . . . but in another country.

Yup, Barack Hussein Obama–a Black President, whose own father–had he grown up in America, would be shut out of owning a home in certain neighborhoods–is now pushing bigoted ethnic-based housing policies on Israel.

He says, “no Jews can live here,” about portions of Israel that were the ancient grounds of Jewish history, portions of Israel where the Jewish patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob–and Joseph, though Palestinians destroyed his tomb–are buried.

obamasmiling.jpgjewsnotwantedhere.jpgJews Not Wanted Here

US President Barack Obama said Monday after crucial talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israeli settlement building in the West Bank must be “stopped.”


Eugene V. Rostow, the American who negotiated key U.N. Resolutions regarding what was and wasn’t Jewish land and the so-called “settlements”–which can mean neighborhoods of Jerusalem and its suburbs. And the fact is Rostow’s position was that such settlements are not “illegal” under U.N. or international law. Read his article on this issue. Given this, where does a foreign leader–in this case, Obama–get off telling a country where Jews can live and how it must “redline” its neighborhoods? That is illegal in America.

Why is this apartheid okay for America to dictate to Israel?

Hmmm . . . I think Binyamin Netanyahu ought to tell Barack Obama that he wants no new homes built for Black people in Brooklyn and no new homes for non-Mexicans in the the San Diego area.

That’s essentially what’s going on here.

There was a time–not long ago–when Jews in many neighborhoods in America were told they were not allowed. Usually the signs read, “No Dogs or Jews Allowed.”

Good news. For Barack Obama, in the so-called “West Bank,” dogs are now allowed. Yes, we’ve “evolved.”

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