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And Some Say Teaching 5 Year Olds About A Gay Lifestyle Is Great?

Posted by Mats on 11/06/2009

The problem with teaching young kids about sex, including a gay lifestyle, which is also being proposed here in the USA by States, cities, and Los Federales, is that they are too young to understand. Hilarity in this British school did not ensue

Pupils as young as five were left ‘confused and worried’ after a school assembly to explain homosexuality.
Teachers played a recording of Elton John’s Your Song before explaining that the singer is homosexual and what the term means.
The children were then shown images of same-sex couples.
Parents said the experience left some pupils afraid to cuddle each other in the playground in case other children thought they were gay.

They’re kids. They really do not need to be taught this. Matter of fact, they do not need to know about sex. Let them be kids. Classes on the birds and the bees (or, has that been updated to pimps and whores?) should not even begin till at least the 7th or 8th grade.

The parents were not consulted, and were called homophobes when they complained. So much for open and free discussion, a practice which the Left says it is all for, but rarely practices.

Headmaster Nigel Utton said the 30-minute assembly contained only a small section on homosexuality which was appropriate for the age of the children.
They’re 5. What could possibly be age appropriate? They’re 5. They are interested in naps, cookies, using paint, and making messes.

Kent education officer Lynne Miller said: ‘This was an assembly about bullying and parents have praised the school for its handling of such a sensitive matter.

Anyone else think this could backfire? Kids can be, let’s face it, cruel. And they often do not know why they are cruel. All this “education” about homosexuals and bullying will simply give them another avenue to use their cruelty. But, for the moment, they are confused and scared to be kids. The human touch is important, and now they are afraid to hold hands, touch each other (and I do not mean sexually), and hug.

Welcome to life in Liberal Land, kiddies!


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