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Taliban shoots 11 year-old Christian boy in head

Posted by Mats on 15/06/2009

More evidence for the “superior” islamic worldview. Where is the world outcry for this?

Taliban shoots 11 year-old Christian boy in head

Meanwhile, the Pakistani embassy in D.C. considers such stories “exaggerated.” “Pakistan: Christians ready to die for their faith,” from Spero News, June 14:

An 11-year-old boy was shot in the head while attending church near Karachi. Christians live in dread of the Taliban, which is demanding conversion to Islam or death. ‘I am sorry I could not speak to you then because we were just about to begin the funeral service for Irfan, an 11 year-old boy who was shot in the head. He passed away yesterday. ‘

That was the opening line of the e-mail from Fr Mario Rodriguez, National Director for the Pontifical Mission Societies in Pakistan. Several hours later, Fr Mario was able to give a few more details as we spoke over the phone.

‘Irfan was shot in the head a few days ago when the Taliban attacked the church in Tiasar Town near Karachi, where 300 of the 700 local Christian families are Catholic. He had massive brain injuries and was on life-support when I visited him in the hospital on Friday. He died on Monday and was buried today, Tuesday. His parents are devastated and his mother hasn’t eaten or drunk since the incident.’…


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