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Isn’t This Racism?: Buy Black Goods Only Campaign

Posted by Mats on 19/06/2009

By Debbie Schlussel

This movement has been picking up steam in Detroit in recent years, and it dovetails on a Black Expo, in which the “buy Black products” campaign has been pushed.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting your local community, but when you do so based only on skin color (and drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from White people), there’s a term for it: racism. It’s no different than those who would urge the purchase of only White goods and products.

I wonder if the people supporting this will agree not to use any medicines, inventions, and other conveniences that were invented by and/or are produced by non-Blacks. I doubt it.

They aren’t just racists. They’re hypocrites.


Maggie Anderson drives an average of 16 miles each way to buy groceries. She drives another 20 miles to shop at a general merchandise store and then an additional 16 ½ miles to buy her children’s clothes.The long trips are part of Anderson’s efforts to shop exclusively at black-owned firms.

Anderson, an Oak Park, Ill., attorney, and her husband John, decided in January to begin a yearlong campaign to support black merchants, professionals and products made by blacks.

The Andersons [were] in Detroit . . . touting their Empower Experiment program and urging others to become part of it.


More like Empower Racism Experiment.

“We want to give back to our community,” Anderson said Wednesday. “The black community has the worst (statistics) whatever the problem is. We have the highest unemployment rate, the highest dropout rate, the highest incarceration rate.”Anderson said the campaign is about trying to save black businesses and not exclude others.


Sorry, but when you drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from Black people, it is exclusionary.

Anderson said she has invested $39,000 in Chicago-area black-owned businesses this year. She and her husband, a Detroit native, write down every purchase they make. “We’re asking them to buy more black (goods and services),” Maggie Anderson said. “We’re asking people to make little sacrifices. Pledge to try to spend more with black-owned businesses. For example I’m going to find black dry cleaners … a black caterer for the family reunion.”

Again, how would they like it if White people refused to buy from them or Black businesses because they want to support the White community, which doesn’t get affirmative action, minority set-asides, and other benefits in this poor economy?

They’d be shouting, “RACISM!”

But these racists were allowed to push their campaign at a Detroit area church and another establishment, where anti-White racism is apparently acceptable.


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