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Democrats Disfigure Baby’s Face

Posted by Mats on 30/06/2009

How wonderful that in the age of “hope and change” the cruel nature of democrats keeps coming up. Take a look at what this democrat/liberal/progressive “writer” did to the face of Palin’s kid.

When will americans wake up to the evil of the democratic party and the people who condone it? First it was Letterman’s cruel joke about child rape and now it’s this tasteless, cruel, evil, demonic desfiguration of the face of a disabled child.

When will democrats rise up and remove from their midst such evil people?

From StopTheACLU and Moonbattery


Wonkette & Co. Continue Jihad Against Trig Palin

In light of official DNC blogger Linda Kellen Biegel’s tasteless assault on Sarah Palin’s disabled son, the execrable Wonkette — who earlier implied that Trig Palin wished he’d been aborted — has renewed her campaign of ridicule against this poor kid with Down syndrome whom progressives believe should have been put to death in the womb.

Wonkette sneeringly refers to Trig as “the New Jesus,” “the Sacred One,” and “the Holy Infant,” and denounces Saracuda for using him “as a cheap political prop” by holding him in public. The post is illustrated with another nasty photoshop of Trig, with links to plenty more. At least moonbats have found something creative to do with their time. A couple of examples:




Lovely people we’re up against.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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