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Woman Marries Dog

Posted by Mats on 19/07/2009

Wondering what’s next after homosexual marriage? The answer:

A Ghanaian woman has married her dog because it has qualities she had seen only in her late father.

Emily Mabou, 29, of Aburi, married the 18-month-old dog in a ceremony attended by a traditional priest and local, curious villagers, reports the Daily Dose. …

In the ceremony, the priest warned villagers not to mock the wedding, but to “rejoice with her as she has found happiness at last”.

Asked how she intends to raise children with her new husband, Ms Mabou said simply: “We will adopt.”

That’s how gays do it.

It would probably screw kids up less having a dog for a daddy. At least Fido won’t tiptoe into their bedroom at night.

The groom.

Hat tip: The Blogprof.


One Response to “Woman Marries Dog”

  1. Dave D. said

    Oh, I had missed out on reading/seeing anything having to do with this story. Crazy! Funny dog image you found to accompany the story too!

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