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Obama Bullies Honduras

Posted by Mats on 07/08/2009

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When it comes to Putin, Syria’s Assad or Iran’s Ahmadinejad,our Prevaricator-In-chief is docile as a lamb and downright obsequious..But when it comes to our allies, or to a small democratic nation that legally tossed out a wanna-be Hugo Chavez who tried to usurp power, Barack Hussein Obama is revealed as the neo-Marxist and enemy of freedom he truly is.

When one of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s allies, Leftist Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, tried to unilaterally change the Honduran Constitution to allow him to become in effect president-for-life by putting through an illegal referendum, he was warned by the Honduran Supreme Court that this was a grave violation of their constitution and would not be permitted

When he persisted in attempting to do it anyway, they impeached him, legally appointed an interim government and then tossed Zelaya out of the country.

Subsequently, we’ve been treated to the unbelievable spectacle of the President of the United States lining up with Hugo Chavez and the Castros to protest this ‘coup’ and insist the Zelaya be put back into power.

Obama has ramped up the pressure on Honduras to restore Zelaya to power in a manner that almost unbelievable from one democratic government to another. He’s already cut off large amounts of military and economic aid to a country that was one of our best allies in the region, demanding a deal to restore Zelaya to power “now.”

And in the latest move, the Obama Administration has started expelling Honduran diplomats from the US.

I seem to recall a certain president flapping his gums about how the US isn’t here to dictate to other nations about their internal affairs, about how arrogant we have been in the past.

I suppose that only applies if you’re an Islamist or Leftist horror show of a country. If you’re a democratic ally of the US like Israel or Honduras who’s gotten on the wrong side of of enemies, our neo-marxist Dear Leader has no problem whatsoever with all the arrogance and and bullying he can muster up.

Absolutely embarrassing.

Posted by Freedom Fighter at 7:14 PM

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