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Obama uses thugs to silence americans

Posted by Mats on 07/08/2009

Just when we thought that the kenyan man in the White House couldn’t go even lower, we find out that he is using union thugs to silence americans who don’t want to be taxed to death.

What has become of this great nation? Who does President Hussein thinks he is? Where is the “bi-partisan” nonsence that he preached during presidentials? Things are getting out of control, and this is all Obango’s fault. The little man doesn’t know how to lead a donkey to the water, but he thinks he can lead a nation? It takes guts and personality to do that, and Obango Junior has none of those.

He is trying to change the USA into something like Cuba but americans love freedom too much for this to happen. Perhaps he should take the hint, and cease with the pro-abortion “medical healthcare”. Americans like their med-care as it is.


2 Responses to “Obama uses thugs to silence americans”

  1. despicable said

    I suggest that you go to the source of what is the meaning of communism! I suggest that you read the works of Karl Marx so that you can know about the subject. If you do not research this subject you will continue to make a fool of yourself.
Communism does not exist in the world today or did it exist in the Soviet Union. This fact all communists in the former Soviet Union will attest to.
In the Soviet Union you had Socialism. The conditions for Communism did not exist. The Idea that Lenin and Stalin had was to gradually build the conditions that would cause the withering of the State and the gradual building of a Stateless society,
Capitalism will not last forever. It eventually will no longer serve a useful purpose. The stage of capitalism like all things will eventually turn into it’s opposite. The stage of Socialism will replace Capitalism, and the stage of Socialism will eventually lay the foundation where the stage of communism will come into being.
A classless stateless society where the need for authoritarian rule is not necessary because of the coming into being onto the world stage a new type of human being. A social scientific being that need not to have a political state apparatus force human beings into being social cooperative and a positive influence in the world environment.
Under the conditions of material abundance voluntary cooperation will replace the condition of desperate competition that exists under the conditions of scarcity and capitalism.
The more scarcity of material things that are needed to thrive and survive, the more desperate people will become and the more police and state authority will be needed to establish law and order.
Desperation of citizens is what causes revolution. It also causes state oppression.

  2. Molay said

    So let me get this strait. socialism will alow everyone to get along and not fight one another? Because everyone is of the same class and have the same ideas? If you like socialism so much why not go to a country that is. Capitalism is liberty and freedom! I choose death before you PC fags try and take it from my nieghbors and loved ones!

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