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NY: Blacks are 24% but responsible for 82% of shootings

Posted by Mats on 10/08/2009

Here We Go Again With Racial Profiling

As intended, Comrade Obama’s prime time assault on the police for doing their job despite the flak they get from jerks like his friend Skip Gates has brought the issue of “racial profiling” back into the news. Heather MacDonald injects a little sanity into the moonbattery:

[G]iven black crime rates, proactive urban policing will inevitably produce disparate stop and arrest rates. In New York, for example, blacks commit about 82 percent of all shootings, though they are 24 percent of the population; whites commit less than 1 percent of shootings, though they are 35 percent of the population.

Such disparities — which are typical of violent crime across the country — mean that when the police are searching for a gun suspect, they will almost never be stopping whites based on a victim identification, but will disproportionately be questioning blacks. As long as crime rates remain as unevenly distributed racially as they are, police activity will be as well.

No one benefits more from proactive policing than the minorities race-baiters like Obama pretend to champion. But liberal racism isn’t about helping minorities. It’s about reducing them to farm animals that can be milked for their votes.

On a tip from Edward.


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