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President Junior whines: Them whiteys at Fox are bad to me!

Posted by Mats on 16/08/2009

It seems that having full control of the mass media (with the exception of Fox), having full control of the public education system, museums, universities and pretty much any major information source is not enough for the Kenyan-in-Chief. He is still acting lile a cry baby regarding to non-progressive media.Here is what President Junior had to say:

“I know there’s been a lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings that are going on around the country, especially when tempers flare,” Obama said, at his own event with 1,300 people in an airport hangar.

“TV loves a ruckus,” said Obama and then joked: “you’ve got to be careful about those cable networks.”

Translation: “You have to be careful with news agencies that don’t toe to the liberal partyline!”

Now, a socialist might say “But he doesn’t mention Fox by name in there!”. He doesn’t have too. We already know what he feels about non-socialist news agencies.

President Hussein Junior really needs to grow a skin.

You can’t possibly expect people to take you seriously if you keep whinning about the ONE non-socialist source of information.


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