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Reagan – A Time For Choosing

Posted by Mats on 27/09/2009

This is the diference between a true leader and a marxist weak leader-wannabe.


2 Responses to “Reagan – A Time For Choosing”

  1. Wow, you’re right. What we need right now is someone to sell arms to evil dictators, someone to believe in total financial deregulation (How’s that sector doing by the way?) and someone to freely support another General Pinochet. Definitely not someone who wants to extend healthcare to the poor (The poor are usually black anyway, and probably don’t even believe in Jesus, they don’t deserve healthcare…….. probably gay too).

  2. Mats said

    Yeah, it’s much better to have someone who surrounds himself with far-left white-hating nuts, and wants to extend the “health care reform” ( = government run) to people who brake the law to enter into the USA.
    Nevermind the fact that he also stands against the Honduras’ right to expel the Chavez-wanabbe, following their own Constitution, and never mind that wants to have “talks” with people who shoot down girls for wanting democracy (Iran).
    Much better, right? Who cares about those girls anyway? They are probably christians.

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