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Progressive Fascists Demand Gay Radio

Posted by Mats on 28/09/2009

Posted by Gregory of Yardale – Via Moonbattery

Since everyone knows that the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is a euphemism for government regulation of radio content, the Obamacrats have backed off reinstating it. Instead, they are trying to slip content regulation in through the backdoor, through mandating “diversity” and “local content.” Obama has even appointed an FCC “Diversity Czar” who openly admires the way Hugo Chavez shut down radio and television outlets critical of his socialist regime.

As for how diversity and local content will help the regime silence talk-radio critics, take a look at what’s happening in that crucible of progressive fascism, San Francisco.

Utilizing the same mob-rule tactics that have come to define “progressive” activism in the Bay Area, San Francisco politicians are “encouraging” the new owner of KNGY-FM, known as “Energy 92” to bring back the full-time gay programming it featured until earlier this month.

Activists have already begun a pressure campaign that includes phoning Stoltz at home and peppering him with questions about the operation.

You see, until Stotlz bought the station and changed its format to top 40 music, it featured “dance club beats and gay-themed talk.” Five nights a week, the station featured “Karel,” the left-lib talker most famous for delaring that he wanted Joe the Plumber (expletive) dead. Since not even the leftist moonbats in San Francisco want to listen to gay activists yammering between cuts of gay disco, its ratings were abysmal. But Progressive Fascism is offended by the notion that guy who owns the station, the transmitter, and pays the people who work there should have the final say in what’s broadcast, because they know what’s best for you.

For now, the progressive fascists can’t do much besides whine and complain, but if Chairman Zero and Kommissarr Lloyd get their way, community organizers will have the power to tell broadcasters what they can broadcast, and more importantly, what they can’t.

Maybe an all Broadway Show Tunes Format would work

One Response to “Progressive Fascists Demand Gay Radio”

  1. “Progressive” has become a banner to import all kind of radical and filthy ideas/practices into the society.

    Johnson C. Philip

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