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Muslim Hate Crimes

Posted by Mats on 15/11/2009

From Moonbattery

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at 2:04 PM | Comments (26)

The Progressive and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself) got all worried that after an Islamist killed 14 human beings at Fort Hood, that Christians would go mad with rage and an epidemic of anti-Muslims hate crimes would follow. Because, to left-wing logic, Jesus Christ’s most devout followers will show their faith by behaving in exactly the opposite way Jesus Christ taught them to.

Well, there have been some incidents of violence since the Fort Hood terror attack.

In Hayward, California, a Christian employee at a mall kiosk attacked a shopper for wearing a hijabOops, no, wait, it was a Muslim employee who attacked a Christian shopper for wearing a crucifix.

Police arrested 22-year-old Abdul Walid Hamid of Hayward on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4, after he reportedly tore a crucifix from a person’s neck and scared others at Stoneridge Shopping Center. According to reports, Hamid was yelling “Allah is power” and “Islam is great” while holding a pen in a fist over his head.

And in Rochester, New York, a man tried to run down pedestrians in his car while shouting “Jesus Loves You.” No, not really. Though the crime seems to be more about bad taste in “women” than about jihad, there are some interesting details.

According to court documents, when he was arrested, Munir Muthana was yelling remarks such as “F*** the police,” “Ben Franklin was stupid,” “The Muslims will fix this country,” and “I was trying to fight that f***** shemale.” …. While he was also heard muttering words like “jihad” and “hating Americans,” he also reportedly said he didn’t hate Americans, just police.

I wonder if Munir Muthana will be on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s jury. He is Obama has entitled him to a jury of his peers.


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