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No Church on Christmas, Mr. President? Of Course Not, Communists Don’t Do Church

Posted by Mats on 29/12/2009

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Time Magazine reported that President Obama and his family didn’t attend a church service this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. He is, to my knowledge, the first president to skip a Christmas Eve service for a long, long time.

But, while it is interesting to note that Obama is quite unchurched in a position where profession of the Christian faith has been nearly of a piece with the office, his skipping church — again — shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama is not really much of a Christian after all.

Time notes that Obama has only attended church three times in the year he’s been in D.C. as our president and even when he pretended to be an active member of Trinity United, the uncouth Chicago church where the Racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright belched his hate on a weekly basis, he never attended with regularity or fervor.

Obama’s claims at being a Christian are entirely a political move, not a religious one. It seems plain that he only attended the hate church in Chicago because that’s where all the high profile blacks in Chicago went. He went there to say “look at me” as opposed to “God save me.”

Naturally, many will jump into the discussion here and say it’s all because he’s a Muslim, to which I must disagree. He is not a Muslim. But he really doesn’t present himself as much of a Christian, either. I won’t presume to read his soul, but who cannot see that his entire political and philosophical upbringing makes of him more of an atheist by way of communism as opposed to a lapsed Christian?

An ingrained anti-religious ideal is the hallmark of Obama’s political philosophy as it was created by Karl Marx. Remember, in the introduction to a book on critiques of the philosopher Hegel, Karl Marx wrote, “Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes,” which means religion is the opiate of the people (or the masses). A fuller quote in that introduction finds Marx calling religion a thing that is the “sigh of the oppressed creature.”

Of his new philosophy, communism, Marx later wrote, “But communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis…”

From Marx, their philosophical father, the left has launched one war against Christianity after another. The ACLU, for instance, has been on a crusade to destroy Christianity for decades and few liberals have any interest in attending church at all. Most profess to hate religions, but especially Christianity.

This is the climate that gave birth to Obamaism. This is the anti-Christian fervor in which Barack Hussein Obama’s very core principles were formed. So, it really isn’t a surprise to see him jettison his church attendance once he got to the highest office he could ever hope to reach. He no longer needs the cloak of this pretension. He no long has to pretend he is a Christian, no longer has to waste his time — in his eyes — attending a church service.

Barack Obama is truly liberalis modernus. Unchurched, godless, and callous about those who are. A major question remains, though. Will a nation that still finds 78% of its citizens claiming the Christian faith continue in its support of such a godless president?


One Response to “No Church on Christmas, Mr. President? Of Course Not, Communists Don’t Do Church”

  1. John Gault said

    Let me qualify this comment by first stating that I am NOT a fan of our new president. I am not a democrat. I am as far from a socialist or a communist as a person can be. I believe that the policies of this president are leading our country down a very dark road that most will not even recognize until it is far too late to turn back. I say this because I don’t want you to think that this momentary defense of Obama’s religious practices is in any way motivated by some cult-like belief in the man or a dedication to his ideals.

    You are correct in the fact that, according to Gallup, 78% of Americans identify themselves as “Christian”. There are a few facts that you should consider, however, when batting around this statistic. First, as mentioned, Obama identifies himself as Christian. You have made strong points to indicate that he is not a very good one. How many of those 78% are like him? How many of them identify themselves as Christian because that’s what their mommies and daddies told them they were and because it keeps the local zealots from burning a cross on their lawn? I think you would find that if people were to answer honestly about their actual involvement in the church and the impact that religion has on their day-to-day lives, that 78% number would be highly genenrous. Second, atheists and agnostics are the fastest growing denomination in this country. In fact, they are the ONLY growing denomination in this country as the the new Pew poll shows that every other religious sect has lost ground in the last ten years. Third, “Christian” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of different religions. Atheists and agnostics outnumber every single one of them combined except Catholics and Baptists. My question is, what’s wrong with a politician being an atheist?

    We, as a people, regularly divorce our religious faith from our professional and political lives. We espouse our faith in God and the fantastical stories of the Bible, yet people who actually claim to speak to God are dismissed by most as crazy. We would never allow claims of guidance by God to be used as a defense in a court of law because, in a courtroom, God doesn’t really exist beyond our swearing of his name. The fact is that even among the faithful, God is usually left at home or behind the closed doors of a person’s church. We don’t bring him to work with us and we usually dismiss those few who bring him with them wherever they go as crazy, fervored, or obnoxious. Few would admit it because of their conditioning, but most Christians are actually atheists for most of the day–only reverting to their Christianity in the comfort and privacy of their own home or in the company of those who share their particular fantasy of God.

    Why, then, should we be upset if an atheist becomes president. I don’t even mean an atheist/agnostic masquerading as a Christian (like Obama). I mean a full-fledged, card carrying atheist. What would be the difference? If that president believed in our Constitution, he or she would not infringe upon YOUR right to worship as you see fit. He would make his decisions based upon evidence, rationality, and logic–just as most of us (even the faithful) do at our jobs every day. No one would say that an atheist cant be a CEO or a bus driver or a doctor–why not president?

    Lastly, assuming that Obama is, in fact, an atheist, can you really blame him for pretending that he’s not? The culture in our country is not exactly friendly to those who denounce religion as superstition. Put a “Proud Baptist” bumper sticker on your car and the “Evil Atheists” will probably leave you alone. Put a “Proud Atheist” sticker on your car and some peace-loving-friends-of-God will eventually throw a brick through your window. Politicians pander to the masses all the time in order to seem more like those who they are soliciting for a vote. The drink beers at taverns they would never visit in a million years. They go bowling even though they’ve never picked up a ball before in their lives. They even claim allegiance to whatever sports teams will garner them the most public support–regardless of whether or not they’ve ever watched a game. Why should church be any different? People don’t really want honest politicians–they want idealized portraits of leaders that could never exist in the real world. They want a vague, blank canvas that they can project their own preferences upon and feel some manufactured “connection” with. Every politician does it–on the left and the right. I blame Obama for a lot of wrongs–but failing to go to church enough is definitely NOT one of them–and as long as those who oppose his policies continue to focus on issues of such insignificance, they will fail to get the support of one of the most abundant voting blocks in America–the secular public.

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