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Florida Opens RINO Huting Season

Posted by Mats on 09/01/2010

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To take the baton from GoY in his first Morning Brief today, there could be more hemorrhaging of bad politicians coming, this time from the “right” side of the aisle. Jim Greer, the un-conservative, very RINO head of the Republican party in Florida, has resigned, rather than be voted out of party office.

The highly unusual ouster of a party chairman during a critical election year – where races for the governor, U.S. Senate and legislative and congressional seats will be on the ballot – also laid bare the internal party strife between the conservatives and moderate factions.

Greer said he was stepping down because it was apparent his conservative critics – who were planning to remove the chairman in a vote this weekend in Orlando – would not relent in their efforts.

Many feel that Greer’s resignation will be a considerable blow to the un-conservative, very RINO Gov. Charlie Crist and his run for the United States Senate.

Greer has been under extreme pressure to step down after conservative activists grew angry over his support for Crist over ex-FL House Speaker Marco Rubio (R).

The resignation is a win for Rubio’s allies. When he steps down Feb. 20, Greer will reportedly be replaced by state Sen. John Thrasher (R), who is officially neutral in the race but who has attended Rubio fundraisers in the past.

Although it is far too early to know whether this move will boost Rubio’s chances, it appears to be another dead canary in the stinking GOP coal mine, not unlike the telling New York 23rd District race last November.


Do your part, Florida, to make RINOs extinct.

One Response to “Florida Opens RINO Huting Season”

  1. Notmyteaparty said

    GOP Governor candidate Paula Dockery is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-tax, pro-spending, pro-pork and pro-trial lawyer. Pure RINO; not fit for a tea party. Saddle up for a RINO hunt!!

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