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One Year Ago- The World’s Greatest Liberator Since World War II Leaves Office

Posted by Mats on 21/01/2010

Jim has a good article about the legacy of George W. Bush.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 10:38 PM
Jim Hoft

It’ seems like forever.
A year ago President George W. Bush left the White House. Since that time the unemployment has nearly doubled, the national deficit has tripled, government has grown in leaps and bounds, and the current president has blamed his predecessor for every problem he has encountered. President Obama even blamed George Bush for the Coakley loss yesterday in Massachusetts.

Here again is a tribute to President George W. Bush that was posted last year:

* * * * *

“The decision by Bush, with Blair’s support, to sweep the Taliban out of Afghanistan was a brilliant move, one that not all U.S. presidents would have taken. A weaker leader would have gone to the United Nations Security Council and sought a negotiated settlement with Kabul.”

Nile Gardiner
The Telegraph
“George W Bush: winning the war on terror”
December 27, 2008

US President George Bush prepares to speak to supporters in Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia. (SMH)

Read the whole thing.


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