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Do You Know How Complex a Single Cell Is?

Posted by Mats on 07/02/2010

Psalm 96:3

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.

It wasn’t until 1839 that cell theory was first described by Theodore Schwann in basically its modern form. By 1858, researcher Rudolf Virchow had learned enough about the cell to conclude that every cell must come from a preexisting cell. But Charles Darwin wasn’t paying attention. The very next year he published a book, On the Origin of Species, which theorized that the first cell was formed from non living matter.

In Darwin’s day, the cell was thought to be just a simple sac filled with jellied carbon. This concept is the origin of the term protoplasm. However, nearly 150 years of cell research has shown us that even protozoan and fungi cells are hugely complex. Today we know that even the simplest of these cells, eukaryotes, have an estimated 100,000 parts. Many thousands of different operations are taking place continuously within each of the cell’s many parts, called organelles. Furthermore, the cell cannot live until all these parts are working properly. Even the simple E. coli bacterium has 4,000 genes. If we were able to magnify the DNA of the E. coli to the thickness of a clothesline, it would be five miles long!

There is no such thing as a “simple cell.” The fact that a cell cannot live without all these thousands of parts shows that cells were created in their finished form, just as the Bible says. Even bacteria declare the glory of our Creator!

Prayer: Lord, I glorify You, for even the simplest cell testifies to Your glory. Amen.

References: CRSQ, 3/99, p. 228, “The Putative Evolution of the Animal Eukaryote Cell Ultrastructure.”

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5 Responses to “Do You Know How Complex a Single Cell Is?”

  1. noreligion said

    You may believe whatever you wish but before you make such a dumb statement claiming that cells must be created in finished form you should read and research before publishing such tripe. Did you know there are two distinct forms of cells called Procaryotes and Eukaryotes? Do you even know the difference?

  2. ME said

    Did you know that the theory of evolution was based on the ” simple cells?”
    Darwin said that my theory will be no longer right if the cells of every single way of life in Earth are ”COMPLEX”
    In Darwin’s time he didnt know how the cells were like…Recent researchers found that each cell of the trillions
    of cells that we HAVE MICROMACHINES that work inside a cell…
    The theory of evolution is no longer right.

  3. Paula said

    Well noreligion we know what you are a evolutionist. Let me guess you also believe in the “big bang theory”.The every thing coming out of nothing theory!! Okay lets imagine for a second the big bang did happen and that evolution is correct we would expect matter to be appearing out of no where every day. For example say i am just sitting in a chair watching tv *poof* “oh my gosh this piece of iron just appeared out of no where”!! Well does that happen ever?? Oh and how come we never find transtional fossils if a single cell “changed slowly over time” First of all a cell does not have the genetic materal to be any thing but that cell. And another thing Procaryote cells even thought they dont have a nucleus they still are just as complex as other cells they still have DNA. If i was a beting person i would say you did not know that. i will pray for you to see the light. if you dont well one day you will meet your maker and will go to Hell. Here are some good sites to go to and on the home page click on Creation/evolution. oh and please click on stuff those sites are kinda scary at first.

  4. Chris said

    I know this blog post is 2 days old, but I have to correct an obvious error:

    “Okay lets imagine for a second the big bang did happen and that evolution is correct we would expect matter to be appearing out of no where every day. For example say i am just sitting in a chair watching tv *poof* “oh my gosh this piece of iron just appeared out of no where”!!”

    See, the thing about words is they have a specific meaning — and thus “evolution” as a scientific theory has a specific meaning. (And the Big Bang is NOT evolution — they’re completely different) And the theory of evolution does not in any way state what you are saying. Please take a look at and, so you at least know what you’re refuting (and the first website is more than a little skeptical of Evolution’s ability to explain life so you might like it). Otherwise you just look really uninformed.

  5. Dear Mr Hommel, I like your math. The evolutionists who understand what you are saying just claim that the universe is ‘infinite’ and time is ‘infinite’. I don’t think that makes much diffenence, but I would appreciate a comment from you on that subject. They offer no proof, ofcourse, for their claim. Thanks

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