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Some Facts About Evolution

Posted by Mats on 18/04/2010


Evolution is widely known theory, and even those people who have never studies science have some idea about it. So much so that it is common  for speakers on Bible and Science to meet people from commerce or history background who are interested in knowing matters related to evolution and the Christian faith.

In this article some of the most important facts and truths about the theory of evolution are given for the benefit of the specialist as well as the general student of these subjects.

First, contrary to what the masses believe, the theory of evolution is only a hypothesis of science. It is not a proved fact of science. A hypothesis means that it is a proposal which has to be established by experimental and empirical sciences. Usually the school and college textbooks of evolution give the erroneous idea that evolution is fact or law of science, but this is far from the truth. Just as there are numerous other hypotheses in science, evolution is also a mere hypothesis.

Second, evolution is said to be the result of blind chance. But the study of chance processes shows that it will only destroy order, not evolve it. Whenever matter is left to itself in this universe, as is assumed to have been by evolutionists, order always goes to disorder and complex systems always break down into disordered mess. Information always gets destroyed, which means that  there is no way in which the information residing on genes could come to existence through blind chance.

Third, over one and a half century of searches have yielded billions of fossils but not even a single one of them supports the theory of evolution. According to evolution, there must be numerous fossils demonstrating the evolution of one kind of animal or plant into another kind, but such fossils have never been found. All the fossils that were claimed to intermediate forms have been discredited by scientists on further study .

Fourth, no one has ever demonstrated that man has evolved from monkey-like creatures. Over a dozen kind of ape-man fossils have been exhibited to the world by evolutionists, but on second thought their own competent scientist companions have rejected these finds. Scientists have discovered that some of these fossils represent apes while others represent real men, but that none of them comes from an ape-man. Interestingly, none of the fossils advanced so for comes from an ape man.

Fifth, the earth is not necessarily millions or billions of years old, contrary to the assumptions of the evolutionists ! They try to portray the earth as very old, but this is a result of their theory which demands a very long age for the earth. As far as experiments are concerned, they give  a wide range of results. According to some methods of determining the earth’s age, this planet is only a few thousand years old. Other tests give an age of 10,000 or 20,000 years and some give it in millions or billions of years.

An honest and objective scientist will give  consideration to all these dates in his discussion, but the evolutionists select out the long ages only just because it suits them.

Sixth, a good number of competent Darwinists have abandoned their belief in Darwinism : some of them are highly reputed scientists, and they have published their conclusions in books and scientific papers. They have done so because they could not find a single scientific proof in favour of Darwinism:

Seventh, some highly competent evolutionists have abandoned all forms of evolution. They have discovered that whether it is the Darwinian form or some other form of evolution, it just does not work. Scientifically the evidences are nil. Many of them have even made this known to the scientific community.

Eighth, there are many scientists now who accept that the scientific evidence is in favour of creation.  These people are not Christians, nor believers in creation. Yet out of their scientific observations they are forced to believe in creation.

Ninth,  numerous scientific discoveries have shown that evolution is not possible. In other words, more and more of the scientific discoveries speak against the possibility of evolution of life by blind chance. This is why the famous scientists Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickremsinge abandoned their faith in the theory of evolution. Scientists of world renown, they have widely published the reasons why life on the earth could not have evolved by chance processes.

Tenth, while the discoveries of science have been going against the theories of evolution, they have been providing more and more support to the Bible. There are numerous supporting evidences in favour of Bible — from physics, chemistry, logic, information sciences, archaeology, history, and of course from biology also.

Eleventh, no known fact of science contradicts the Bible, and the Bible does not contradict any established fact of science.

Every serious student of science should consider the Bible and its claims seriously.

[Dr. Johnson C. Philip is a physicist, with expertise in Quantum-nuclear Physics, and has worked extensively on the inner quark-structre of Protons and Neutrons. He has also specialized in Christian Apologetics, Biblical Archeology, and several other fields. This website provides you an access point to the dozens of websies that he maintains.]


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  1. James said

    See Can an Evangelical Christian Accept Evolution?

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