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Homossexual Groups Wants to Use Schools to Teach Pornography to Kids

Posted by Mats on 24/05/2010

UK paper teaches young boys how to do anal and oral sex

A paper, was produced by homosexuals in the United Kingdom who want to introduce it to schools in order to “teach” young 13-year-old boys how to do anal and oral sex with other boys, wrote Alex Spak, legal and policy analyst.

“The paper is absolutely revolting… The demands for homosexual “rights” do not stop when homosexuals are given freedom and equality. In reality, their demands increase all the time and continue until all the society will be practicing homosexual life-style,” wrote Alex Spak.

“Your politicians must NOT be deceived into thinking that giving homosexual “rights” is the final goal. It is only another step to achieve more acceptance of sexual perversity in all ages. This paper is just another evidence of that!”


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