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Obama and MacArthur with the Japanese

Posted by Mats on 29/05/2010

A Perspective On Why Some of Us Consider Obama Insufficiently “American”

Dave In Texas

And it has nothing to do with the damned birth certificate.

It has everything to do with how he perceives America and the world. And I’ll grant you, it’s old, but hell, it’s Sunday night.

Consider if you will, these two photographs:

mcarthur hirohito.jpg

and this one, a little more recent:

Obama breaks his neck for America.jpg

On the one hand, you have an American Army General, receiving the Emperor of Japan under his terms, having for four years spent precious American blood and treasure to bring a vicious aggressor under control, and then embarking on a seven year mission to rebuild their nation as a democracy, and a global partner.

Not to punish them. The fight was the punishment. And it was punishing, and it was just. To defeat them first, to change them secondly, and then, remarkably to embrace them.

On the other hand, you have the leader of the greatest nation in the free world, meeting the leader of our partner nation, an ally, one bound to us by our conscious and active efforts after their destructive perfidy, to make them one of us on the globe, leaning down to kiss his ass as if we owed him an apology for having spent our treasure and blood to bring them into the fold.

I’m sure you see the problem.

MacArthur didn’t pose for pictures for the press like a ninny, he knew exactly the message he would telegraph by foregoing the tie, just regular khakis, hell, even his hands “casually” placed in his back pockets. Towering over the Emperor who was attired in his resplendent best “ambassador-like” threads. Mac was sending a message. He did that, he was Mac.

Obama sent a message too, and I’ll bet you a paycheck he had no friggin idea what it was. “I should suck up. There’s something fundamentally wrong with us, and it’ll look good if I acknowledge it right here and now.”

He’s embarrassed about one of our greatest and most costly accomplishments to mankind, and the nations. Because he is a ninny.

My thoughts upon reading Mark Davis’ twitter post and Wes Pruden’s article linked in the tweet.

Posted by Dave In Texas at 08:29 PM

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