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Planned Parenthood’s “War on Science”

Posted by Mats on 30/10/2010

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Manslaughter Case against Massachusetts Abortionist Begins Today

Posted by Mats on 14/09/2010

By Kathleen Gilbert

BOSTON, September 13, 2010 ( – The trial into charges of involuntary manslaughter against a Massachusetts abortionist whose botched abortion killed Laura Hope Smith, 22, begins Monday, exactly three years after the young woman’s death, according to an Associated Press report.

Prosecutors charged Dr. Rapin Osathanondh of Cape Cod with manslaughter in July 2008 in connection with the death of Smith, 22, whose heart stopped during an abortion. Osathanondh resigned his license in February 2008, the same day the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine issued charges against him over the incident.

The board said that Osathanondh “engaged in conduct that calls into question his competence to practice medicine,” including failing to monitor Smith’s heart or “adhere to basic cardiac life support protocol,” and failing to call 911 immediately after her heart stopped. The abortionist, said the board, also neglected to keep oxygen or a functioning blood pressure monitor in the room, and later lied to cover up his negligence.

A Boston attorney specializing in medical malpractice cases told the AP that bringing criminal charges in such a case was extraordinary, implying an extreme level of negligence, as most such cases are handled in civil court.

“The more extreme the action, the more extraordinary the negligence, the more likely it is that it may cross over that line where it also becomes criminal,” said attorney Andrew Meyer.

Osathanondh will face the charges in Barnstable Superior Court.

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Prison for Man Who Attempted Murder/Abortion on Pregnant Girlfriend

Posted by Mats on 11/09/2010

This doesn’t make sence. So the baby is a human when the mother is attacked, but he is no longer a human when he is aborted? Is it ok to kill innocent humans lives by abortion methods?

The inconsistency of the life without God is glaring.

By Peter J. Smith

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania, September 10, 2010 ( – A Pennsylvania judge has sentenced a man to a year in prison for attempting to smother his girlfriend and abort their unborn child by shoving pills down her throat, reports the local Blackpool Gazette.

Proceedings in the Lancaster Crown Court show that Craig Connell attacked and tried to smother his live-in girlfriend Kirsty Rawlinson with a pillow after an argument in May. Two days later, Connell repeated the attack, this time forcing tablets into her mouth in what the judge surmised was “a futile attempt to create an abortion.”

The judge said that Rawlinson must have been “horrified” and “ thought she was going to die.”

Violence against women carrying unborn children unwanted by boyfriends, spouses, partners, etc. was one of the leading factors behind the 2003 federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which classifies the unborn child as a separate victim when crimes are committed against the mother.

According to a 2001 Maryland study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “A pregnant or recently pregnant woman is more likely to be a victim of homicide than to die of any other cause.” The study’s authors, Isabelle L. Horon and Diana Cheng, found that out of 247 “pregnancy-associated deaths,” fifty (or 20 percent) were due to homicide. The next highest cause of death was “cardiovascular disorders,” at 48 deaths, or 19 percent of the total.

Approximately 34 states have laws similar to the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, designed to punish attackers who might otherwise get a more lenient sentence by harming the mother but fulfilling their goal of killing their unborn child.

Had Connell succeeded in causing the abortion of his unborn child, he would have been subject to criminal charges for the child’s death. A Pennsylvania statute states “An individual commits criminal homicide in the first, second, or third-degree, or voluntary manslaughter of an ‘unborn child’ if the individual intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently causes the death of an unborn child.”

Earlier this year, Orbin Eeli Tercero, a pharmacist for the east-coast supermarket chain Wegmans, was charged in Pennsylvania for secretly inducing his mistress to miscarry their unborn child, because the baby’s birth would complicate his engagement to another woman. Tercero faced a number of criminal charges, including criminal homicide of an unborn child, first-degree murder of an unborn child, aggravated assault of an unborn child, aggravated assault, as well as charges related to evading capture and tampering with evidence. (see story)

More information on state laws related to fetal homicide can be found here via the National Right to Life Committee.

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Pro-Life Leader: Treating Unborn as Non-Persons Key to Planned Parenthood Agenda

Posted by Mats on 22/08/2010

By Peter J. Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 20, 2010 ( – What do serial killers, slave-owners, eugenicists, and abortionists have in common? According to Michael Hitchborn of American Life League, all these groups can only carry out crimes against human beings by first de-personalizing or trivializing the humanity of their victims.

In a new ALL report released on YouTube, Hitchborn makes his case beginning with the famous 1991 film “Silence of the Lambs,” where a crazed transsexual killer pursued by an FBI agent (Jodie Foster) continually refers to his latest female victim as “it.”

In doing so, says Hitchborn, the killer “depersonalizes his victim, reducing her to the status of an object or animal.”

“The thing is, if his victim isn’t a person, then in his own mind, there is nothing wrong with what he is about to do,” continued Hitchborn.

The pro-life leader explained that a similar process of depersonalization and dehumanization is evident in the way that abortion advocates speak of a child developing in its mother’s womb as a “fetus”, “fertilized egg”, or a “clump of cells.”

“The use of terms like these is the first step in reducing humans to the status of non-persons,” he added, saying history was replete with such examples.

Hitchborn referred to a clause within the U.S. Constitution prior to the enacting of the 13th amendment, where slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person. The agreement he said was a compromise with a culture that “viewed human slaves as property.” Proponents of slavery would claim that slaves were not people, and eugenicists of the 19th and 20th century would do the same thing, referring to those with disabilities or of certain ethnicities as “undesirables.”

Taken to its logical conclusion, these ideas led to the forming of the Nazi racial purity movement, which defined certain people as “subhuman” in popular propaganda.

“The excuses, and they are excuses, for denying the humanity or personhood of individual human beings is done for one reason and one reason only: it is the only way to create a class of humans without any rights.”

Hitchborn said that Planned Parenthood, just like slave-owners, has to offer similar arguments dehumanizing or depersonalizing the unborn in order to justify their actions, with a motive for profit at the end of the line. Hitchborn told that “Planned Parenthood’s sole agenda is to gain money through the murder of children.”

Hitchborn pointed to a Planned Parenthood White Paper written in 1985 and republished in 2002 in response to the pro-life film “Silent Scream.” The paper argues that a “fetus” of 12 weeks gestation “cannot be compared in any way to a fully formed functioning person” – arguing that the unborn child’s dependency on his mother for survival, its undeveloped organs, and lack of conscious thought, means he does not merit the status of person.

“It is instead an in utero fetus with the potential of becoming a child.”

Planned Parenthood said they were responding to Silent Scream, because they feared it could jeopardize the “constitutional right to abortion” as well as “the lives and careers of abortion providers.”

“It really is a simple concept,” Hitchborn told LSN. “The only people making the argument that a human is not a person are those who want to create a class of subhumans that have no rights.”

Hitchborn praised the personhood initiative in Colorado, which is a ballot initiative to amend the State Constitution to recognize the personhood rights of all humans, from their biological beginning to their natural death. The amendment states: “the term ‘person’ shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.”

“The personhood initiative out in Colorado ties in perfectly with what [pro-life groups] are doing, because they are working on establishing an amendment that would recognize there is no do distinction between that which is a person and that which is a human,” said Hitchborn.

“They are establishing that we are all human, and that we are persons: that we all have a beginning and that beginning takes place in the womb, and not outside the womb, or some random spot on the spectrum by people who have an agenda to fulfill.

“There is no distinction between a person and a human, and the only people that make that distinction are those that have an agenda.”

View ALL’s full report with Michael Hitchborn here.

See previous coverage by

Personhood Initiative Certified For Colorado Ballot

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