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Horror: Jordanian Man Rapes, Murders Daughter in Botched Abortion

Posted by Mats on 26/05/2010

By Peter J. Smith

AMMAN, Jordan, May 24, 2010 ( – A Jordanian carpenter has been charged with the rape and murder of his teenage daughter, who died following the grisly abortion the man performed on her unborn baby girl, reports The Jordanian Times.

Authorities had charged the man on three counts of rape, murder, and abortion after the unidentified man, 45, turned himself in to police.

Sources to the Jordan Times reported that the man had sexually assaulted his 19-year-old daughter since she was 15, and that neither the mother nor the daughter reported the rape out of fear that the father would kill them.

The father decided he would force his daughter to have an abortion once he discovered that she was five months pregnant with his child, according to sources cited by the Times.

“The suspect brought a carpet cutter, cut his daughter’s stomach with it, opened her womb and took out the female foetus and threw it in the garbage,” another source told the Times. The source added that the father then sewed up his daughter’s womb with thread.

A forensics investigation found the daughter died of internal bleeding, and the baby murdered by abortion was 37 weeks along.

Momen Hadidi, chief medical examiner at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, told The Jordan Times: “I have been a pathologist for 30 years and this is the first time I have come across such a horrific story.”

He said the incident should be a “wake-up call” for Jordan “to focus more on early detection of social disorders in our society.”

The U.S. State Department report on Jordan reveals that “in practice familial and societal pressures discouraged [women] from seeking legal remedies” to cases of spousal abuse, and that violence and crimes against women are underreported because “cultural norms continued to discourage victims from seeking medical or legal assistance.”

The incident follows reports that a Palestinian man confessed to killing his 27-year-old wife because she was pregnant with a girl rather than a boy. reported the woman was found dead in her home in a village northeast of Nablus. The mother, three months pregnant, already had three boys and a girl.

Her husband was arrested after the discovery of scratch wounds on his body corresponding to DNA evidence from blood found under his wife’s nails. Witnesses told police that her husband had also beaten her when she was carrying her eldest daughter in an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.

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Muslim villagers burn girl alive in ‘honour killing’

Posted by Mats on 01/04/2009

From JihadWatch

According to this account, “The victim had screamed for help for about 20 minutes before neighbours arrived only to find her still smoldering.”

“Villagers burn girl alive in ‘honour killing,”‘ from, March 24 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

A TEENAGE[R] was burned to death at her home in India in an “honour killing” by neighbours.
Four residents of her village in Ghaziabad, north India, allegedly set the 16-year-old Muslim girl alight after they suspected her of having a relationship with a boy. 

Police claim residents kept a vigil on her house as they noticed the boy visited her frequently when her father was away. The four men then beat her, doused her with kerosene and set her on fire.

District police chief Akhil Kumar said: “The four men came to the girl’s house and demanded to know why the young man frequently visited her. The girl’s younger sister, who felt the visitors were getting violent, ran out of the house.

“Meanwhile, the accused beat up the girl and then set her on fire with kerosene oil.”

She gave a dying statement to the police saying the accused beat her and set her on fire.

Vijay Singh, station officer at Bhojpur police station in Ghaziabad, said: “The girl has succumbed to her injuries. We have been looking for the four men accused in this case. One of them has been caught and charged with murder.”

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Substantial percentage of Turkish population “support” honor killings

Posted by Mats on 29/03/2009

From JihadWatch.

More on modern, moderate Turkey’s approval of honor killings. “Media help escalate honor killings, study reveals,” from Today’s Zaman, March 24:

A study titled “Honor Killings in the Media and Their Impact on Students and Parents” conducted by the Ministry of Education has revealed that parents believe the media play a role in increasing the number of honor killings. 

The study was conducted in the provinces where the most honor killings in the country were taking place and covered the responses of 440 high school students and their parents. According to the report released by the ministry, 13 percent of the parents and 9.9 percent of students had witnessed an honor killing. The provinces of Batman, Diyarbak, and Mardin lead in the number of killings, the report indicated.

Based on the responses of students and their families, the media play a negative role in regard to honor killings. Whereas only 7.3 percent of the parents and 8.7 percent of the students said the media have a positive effect in preventing honor killings, 22.7 percent and 29 percent of them, respectively, think that the media play a role in increasing the number of honor killings. The respondents did not find the programs aired or the stories printed by media to be impartial or close to reality.

On the other hand, the study also showed that 26.2 percent of the parents and 25.9 percent of the students said they support such killings, although 64 percent of all respondents said those who committed such a crime should be punished…

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Bangladesh: Land of “rampant” acid attacks

Posted by Mats on 20/03/2009

Her father used to put drops of acid on parts of her body every day

He also used to feed her acid. After all, he wanted a son. To demonstrate how rampant acid attacks against women and children are in Muslim-majority Bangladesh, consider the fact that the country actually has an “Acid Survivors’ Foundation” hospital. But not to worry; as this report keeps suggesting, all this misogyny is a product of “poverty.” It couldn’t have anything to do with Islam’s intrinsic misogyny — which manifests itself in daily headlines — now could it?

“Women and children bear scars of most acid attacks,” from the Gulf Times, March 8 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

At first glance, Bably Akter looks like any other nine-year-old Bangladeshi girl, dressed in a brightly coloured pink and turquoise skirt and top trimmed with silver sequins.
A matching headband conceals her left ear, badly deformed and the only obvious sign she is the victim of an acid attack, a practice rampant in the impoverished country, used mainly in domestic disputes and against women and children

As her mother, Parul, recounts the story of how Bably’s father put drops of acid on different parts of her body for five days when she was a baby, the little girl lifts her skirt to reveal a large scar on her legs and feet.

“Her father wanted a son. He’d been violent towards me before Bably was born but it was not until day five, when he actually fed her acid I realised something was seriously wrong,” Parul, 26, said.

She complained to the police but charges were never laid.

“We ran away and spent two years at the Acid Survivors’ Foundation (ASF) hospital where Bably had a lot of plastic surgery on her mouth. She still needs more operations.”

With her broad grin and her love of dancing, Bably speaks about her dreams of one day becoming a doctor to help others in the South Asian nation.

“She says she doesn’t remember what happened but sometimes she cries for no reason. Her speech is a little bit impaired and she gets teased at school,” Parul said.

The Dhaka-based ASF says most victims of acid attacks bear obvious physical scars, which make them pariahs. Bably is one of the lucky ones…

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