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Moscow Refuses Permit to “Gay Pride” Parade Organizers

Posted by Mats on 26/05/2010

Defies international gay lobby for fifth year in a row

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MOSCOW, May 25, 2010 ( – For the fifth year in a row, the government of the city of Moscow has defied the international homosexual lobby and has refused to issue a permit for a “gay pride” parade.

Nokolai Alexeiv, the organizer of the event, said that the permit had been denied because of risks to public order, as well as security concerns.

Gay pride marches are often scenes of public lewdness, in which participants violate nudity laws and engage in simulated and even real sex acts in public. The mayor’s office has denounced homosexual behavior as “satanic” and said that it spreads disease.

The refusal of the Moscow government to permit homosexual marches has received the unambiguous support of the religious leadership in the city, Christian and non-Christian.

As they have in previous years, the homosexualist groups organizing the event threatened to file suit in a Moscow court, or even to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.  However, previous efforts to impose the march through the courts have failed.

Moscow has also come under pressure from the Council of Europe, which has denounced the city’s prohibition of such marches.

The rejection of the “gay pride” parade in Moscow follows a prohibition on a similar march scheduled for May 15 in Russia-aligned Belarus.

When 40 marchers decided to violate the law and took to the streets, the police arrested several and broke up the parade.

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Judge uses child to advance homosexual agenda

Posted by Mats on 31/12/2009


Remember the anti-drug adds with the eggs frying on the skillet and the voice intoning, “This is your mind on drugs”? This is a family on moonbattery:

The birth mother of a 7-year-old Virginia girl must transfer custody of the child to the woman’s former lesbian partner, a Vermont judge ruled, adding that it seems the woman has “disappeared” with her daughter.

Vermont Family Court Judge William Cohen ordered Lisa Miller of Winchester, Va., to turn over daughter Isabella to Janet Jenkins of Fair Haven at 1 p.m. Friday at the Virginia home of Jenkins’ parents.

Now why would a Vermont judge want to give a woman’s birth daughter to her former lesbian lover?

Miller and Jenkins were joined in a Vermont civil union in 2000. Isabella was born to Miller through artificial insemination in 2002. The couple broke up in 2003, and Miller moved to Virginia, renounced homosexuality and became an evangelical Christian.

The culture war rages on — with only the good guys taking any casualties.

If Miller does not turn over Isabella, the most likely scenerio is that she would be held in contempt of court and a warrant would be issued for her arrest, said Cheryl Hanna, a professor of constitutional law at Vermont Law School.

As moonbattery continues to derange our civilization, look for jails to fill with people incarcerated for increasingly bizarre reasons.

On a tip from Muddypaw.

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Rick Warren Attacks Uganda’s anti-homossexuality bill

Posted by Mats on 28/12/2009

By Julio Severo
Gay activists, who despise the divine condemnation of homosexuality, do not hesitate to use and distort the words of Jesus Christ to teach Christians that the only way for Christians to be able to demonstrate love for homosexuals is by supporting the approval of anti-“homophobia” bills.
Without such support, homosexual militants insist that Christians deserve labels as “homophobic”, hypocrites, murderers of homosexuals, etc. Their insistence is steady throughout the media. Their charges against Christians are incessant.

If constant dripping will eventually wear away a stone, then it seems that homosexual dripping is wearing away the evangelical resistance.

In Ireland, a pro-homosexuality bill received the support from the Evangelical Alliance Ireland (EAI), which explained its stance by saying that if Jesus Christ did not discriminate, so Christians are not also supposed to discriminate. EAI declared,
“Co-habiting couples are a reality — this legislation seeks to deal with that reality from a legal perspective. We may disagree on the detail of the legislation but as followers of a just and compassionate God we can recognise the justice and fairness of providing some legal protection for the reality of both same-sex and opposite-sex cohabiting relationships”.

On the other hand, Rick Warren embraced similar stance to use God’s compassion to condemn a heavy anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda. This African nation, which formerly had homosexual kings that abused boys, still faces today sexual abuses against boys. Moreover, Uganda is under international pressure to support the gay agenda. But it was not to condemn vehemently homosexual abuses against boys that Warren meddled in Uganda.

Differently from Islamic nations as Iran, which executes homosexuals arbitrarily, the Ugandan bill condemns to capital punishment only men persistent in homosexuality, homosexuals that rape boys and HIV homosexuals that infect other people.

Full article

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NYTimes finally acknowledges that anti-Prop. 8 mob is harassing traditional marriage supporters

Posted by Mats on 29/11/2009

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 8, 2009 06:11 AM

Hell is frozen over. The New York Times has finally come to the realization that the anti-Prop. 8 mob in California is intimidating traditional marriage supporters with its blacklist maps.

What took them so damn long?

FOR the backers of Proposition 8, the state ballot measure to stop single-sex couples from marrying in California, victory has been soured by the ugly specter of intimidation.

Some donors to groups supporting the measure have received death threats and envelopes containing a powdery white substance, and their businesses have been boycotted.

The targets of this harassment blame a controversial and provocative Web site,

…The site pits…cherished values against each other: political transparency and untarnished democracy versus privacy and freedom of speech.

“When I see those maps, it does leave me with a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach,” said Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation, which has advocated for open democracy.


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